Great Game Previews In History: 16 December 2013

by J.R.

Today In History

469px-King_Henry_VI_from_NPG_(2)At the Notre Dame de Paris in 1431, 10-year-old Henry VI of England is crowned King of France on the death of his French grandfather, Charles VI of France. If you think that’s young, consider that he became King of England at nine-months when Henry “Tennis Balls” V, his dad, died.

This was all due to terms of the Treaty of Troyes signed in the aftermath of the Battle of Agincourt.

Not everybody bought that young Henry was the actual king, as Charles VII — whom his father, the aforementioned No. 6, had disinherited — had himself crowned at Reims.

Stars at Avalanche, 7 PM Mountain/8 PM Central

Records: Stars (15-11-5, 35 points, 5th in Conference III); Avalanche (21-9-1, 43 points, 3rd in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: Colorado won 3-2 in overtime on Nov. 1 on a Paul Stastny gamewinner.

Last 10: Dallas 4-3-3; Colorado 5-4-1

Historical Context: Were this game 14 or 15 years ago, it would be a barnburner among Western Conference leaders, but today’s only intra-Conference III match-up isn’t just England and France futilely trying to assert themselves on a stage that’s left them. Colorado is very much in the thick of it and Dallas lurks.

Jets at Blue Jackets, 6 PM

Records: Jets (14-15-5, 33 points, 7th in Conference III); Blue Jackets (14-15-4, 32 points, 5th in SUDM)

Last Time They Met: Ryan Johansen (!) had a pair of goals in a 2-1 Jackets win on Nov. 12, 2011.

Last 10: Winnipeg 4-4-2; Colorado 6-3-1

Historical Context: The Jets and Jackets more or less swapped sides in realignment, putting them in more sensical geographic positions. Early on, Charles VII stayed south of the Loire River and never really made an effort to kick out the English in the north, until 1452, when the English were driven out of most of France (except Calais) and the geography of the two crowns made more sense.

Blues at Senators, 6:30 PM

Records: Blues (22-6-3, 45 points, 2nd in Conference III); Senators (13-15-6, 32 points, 6th in Flortheast)

Last Time They Met: David Perron had two goals in a 3-1 Blues win in Ottawa February 7, 2012.

Last 10: St. Louis 7-3-0; Ottawa 4-4-2

Historical Context: Will St. Louis return from their road trip like Richard of York coming back from Ireland and find an insane (Raanta-ing?) Chicago in need of usurpation? If anyone is going to be a challenge, it truly will be St. Louis (but not Saint Louis — Louis IX, who died long before any of this silliness).