Help III Help You: The Conference III Festivus Project

by J.R.

Christmas is a time for cheer and joy and family togetherness.

Festivus is a time for everything else and while we don’t have a big silver pole to dance around, we do have Drew Miller’s hair.


Here’s what III Communication needs from you:

  • In the comments or by email to conferencethree[at]gmail[dot]com, please rank the teams in Conference III from Most Hated to Least Hated and feel free to explain your answers. If you are a fan of a specific team, please note that, as I will be using a scaling method to ensure that the hatred from teams with larger fan bases are quantified equally with those with smaller fan bases. If you’re neutral or (for some reason) a fan of some stupid team from one of the lesser divisions, note that too. Don’t feel like you’re obligated to put your team as the least hated, because God knows, you people complain about the teams you love a whole helluva lot, too.
  • Also, air any other grievances you have with any player, team, coach, mascot, fanbase, referee, commissioner, writer, blogger or woodland creature. Again, in the comments or by email.
  • What would Festivus be without the Feats of Strength? Please select your favorite Feat of Strength from the first few months of the Conference III. What that means is open to interpretation.

Please have all your submissions in before December 23.

Thank you and happy hating.