Have A Very Conference III New Year

by J.R.

A couple more Conference III games tonight before we close the book on 2013.

Please drink responsibly and while doing so, offer some resolutions for the teams of Conference III.

Please enjoy this selection of songs from the bands of Conference III country as you do so.





Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Serpentine Fire” gets you going. Not overtly New Years-y. Still awesome.





Had to figure out where to slot in old Dan Fogelberg, but as he got his start playing clubs in Colorado, he’s theirs. Though it borrows heavily from “Auld Lang Syne,” this song is actually about Christmas. It’s also a downer, but we don’t want you to get where you were going before you knew you got on the bus.





Have a drink on The Reverend.





OK, so Prince’s “1999” would be the obvious choice, but The Purple One is very particular about people putting his songs on YouTube, so The Replacements step in as, uh, a replacement.





Jason & The Scorchers used to do a New Year’s Eve show in Nashville, so they’re always associated with this time of year for me. And “Both Sides of the Line” has a little Janusic quality to it, no?

St. Louis


If you don’t like Son Volt: Logoff. “Last Minute Shakedown” — get it? GET IT?





“No Time.” It’s about New Year’s. Or Claude Noel.