Thursday Thirteen: We’ll Drink A Cup of Kindness Yet

by J.R.

Every Thursday we bring you III Communication’s Conference III Power Rankings, the Thursday Thirteen.

This week, we’re only looking forward.

1. St. Louis Blues: Holders of the belt for, at least, the rest of the month, the Blues take the top spot by a tick.

2. Chicago Blackhawks: Up four points in the standings, but with three games in hand against St. Louis — do they feel the Blues lurking?

3. Ondrej Pavalec’s Save Percentage: The Czech netminder’s save percentage at evens is a meh .911. With Dustin Byfuglien on the ice, it’s .887. Those are paltry — even embarrassing — numbers, but, my, are they powerful.

From Kevin Allen’s embed piece on the selection of the U.S. Olympic team:

He is the same offensive force, but the scouting reports and his plus-minus speak to concerns about his defensive game.

His plus-minus? Really? Big Buff, by the way, is north of 50 percent, Corsi-wise, though his PDO is 95.9. Pavelec’s bad year is having big implications.

4. Colorado Avalanche: OK, halfway in and we are still waiting for Theia to crash into the earth.

5. The Exit Six Pub And Brewery: This Cottleville, Missouri, watering hole got a cease and desist from Starbucks for naming one of their beers “Frappicino,” which the coffee giant claims infringes on their trademark for “Frappucino” and might cause serious harm to their 145 gazillion dollar annual revenue. The brewery responds, Conference III style.

6. Dallas Stars: Oh, hello, surging Stars. Nice to see you in the top half, finally. In celebration, Obscene Alex will remove one curse word from his next post.

7. Anonymous 67 Year Old Toronto Resident:

8. Minnesota Wild: Winners of just two of their last 10. Really? A loss to Buffalo surely sends Yeo packing, right?

9. This Giraffe Right Here:


10. Winnipeg Jets: Blake Wheeler becomes the least qualified American Jet to go to Russia since Gary Powers bailed out.

11. Paul Romanuk: If you ever wondered how a bookish nerd from Tennessee became a hockey fan, blame Paul Romanuk and his Hockey Superstars series of books, available from Scholastic. I ordered one of these from the book club in second grade back at Indian Lake Elementary. It had either Mario Lemeiux or Wayne Gretzky on the cover (the former would become my favorite player, especially since it was possible to catch Penguins broadcasts at night time on an AM radio if the weather cooperated). I do recall that the last player in the book that year was Grant Fuhr. Anyway, that book and the dulcet tones of Mike Lange are how I was a hockey fan years before somebody thought of putting an NHL team in Nashville.

12. Nashville Predators: It’s a two-game win streak, but it’s a winning streak and it included a big old nasty win against the Wings.

13. 2013: Doesn’t even get its rightful dignity of being the only year mentioned when people talk about last season, as the nomenclature for the 48-game campaign is all too frequently given the incorrect, revisionist and insulting name of the “2012-13 NHL Season.”