Great Game Previews In History: 6 January 2013

by J.R.

Today In History

800px-South_Sea_BubbleThe Committee of Inquiry on the South Sea Bubble published its findings in 1721.

In 1711, the South Sea Company was given a Parliamentary monopoly on English trade to South America, which didn’t matter because England was fighting the War of Spanish Succession at the time and Spain controlled South America.

To make money, therefore, the South Sea Company took on national debt and sold shares of stock. And by sold, I mean, “gave away to powerful people and then used the fact that powerful people ‘bought’ stock to sell stock to normal people, thus inflating its price, leading to a precipitous bubble burst and causing serious detriment to the British economy.”

Stars at Islanders, 6 PM

Records: Stars (20-14-7, 47 points, 4th in Conference III); Islanders (14-22-7, 35 points, 8th in SUDM)

Last Time They Met: Jamie Benn had the game winner for the Stars, a 3-2 Dallas win Dec. 15, 2011.

Last 10: Dallas 5-3-2; New York 5-3-2

Historical Context: Alex Chiasson’s bubble burst for the Stars (perhaps a shooting percentage north of 50 percent was unsustainable?) and the promising rookie has been in the press box recently. Will the Stars fortunes follow or is their climb up the standings true value?

Flames at Avalanche, 7 PM/8 PM Central

Records: Flames (14-21-6, 34 points, 6th in Pacific); Avalanche (26-11-4, 56 points, 3rd in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: Nate MacKinnon had the winner for Colorado (3-2) December 6.

Last 10: Calgary 2-6-2; Colorado 5-2-3

Historical Context: People have been waiting for the Avs’ bubble to burst for three months now, but they keep pace while other teams (*cough* Wild *cough*) who were meant to be “legitimate” are falling off. Sometimes a little speculation is good for you.