Great Game Previews In History: 9 January 2013

by J.R.

Today In History

444px-Joan_of_arc_interrogationThe trial for heresy of Joan of Arc begins in Rouen, France. The trial, like oh so many, was politically motivated — Joan was responsible for the coronation of Charles VII as King of France while France’s throne was claimed by England’s Henry VI and Joan’s military victories reversed the fortunes of her native land during the Hundred Years War.

The trial was tedious — o, was it tedious.

Every session began, more or less, with this exchange:

Question: Do you swear to speak the truth in answer to such questions as are put to you?

Joan: I do not know what you wish to examine me on. Perhaps you might ask such things that I would not tell.

Question: Will you swear to speak the truth upon those things which are asked you concerning the faith, which you know?

Joan: Concerning my father and my mother, and what I have done since I took the road to France, I will gladly swear to tell the truth. But concerning my revelations from God, these I have never told or revealed to anyone, save only to Charles, my King. And I will not reveal them to save my head.

Sure, that won’t get exhausting.

In any case, Joan was convicted of heresy — in large part because she dressed as a soldier, which she said was to keep the guards off her in prison — and burned at the stake and is now a French heroine, in large part because she was the last French person to win a battle.

Stars at Devils, 6 PM

Records: Stars (20-15-7, 47 points, 5th in Conference III); Devils (17-18-9, 43 points, 6th in SUDM)

Last Time They Met: The Devils won a wild one 6-3 December 16, 2011.

Last 10: Dallas 5-3-2; New Jersey 4-3-3

Historical Context: People didn’t understand Joan, especially the staid English. She wore weird clothes, she was seeing things, she said strange stuff. They just wanted rid of her. In other news, Tyler Seguin has 21 goals and 20 assists in 40 games.

Ducks at Predators, 7 PM

Records: Ducks (32-8-5, 69 points, 1st in Pacific); Predators (19-19-6, 34 points, 6th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: Pekka Rinne (remember him?) coughed up five in a 5-1 Anaheim win February 27.

Last 10: Anaheim 9-1-0; Nashville 3-4-3

Historical Context: Joan may have been looking for an advantage, what with having the trial at home at all, but she ended up being tried in Rouen, the administrative capital of Henry’s French holdings and by the Bishop Pierre Cauchon — French, yes, but a supporter of the English; he actually had to do some ecclesiastical shenanigans to get Rouen to be in his diocese. Anyway, Anaheim is perfect at home, so kudos to Nashville for playing this one at Fifth & Broad.

Blues at Flames, 8 PM

Records: Blues (30-7-5, 65 points, 2nd in Conference III); Flames (15-22-6, 36 points, 6th in Pacific)

Last Time They Met: The Flames actually represent the Blues’ last loss: 4-3 in a shootout in Calgary Dec. 23.

Last 10: St. Louis 8-1-1; Calgary 2-7-1

Historical Context: The Blues will try to stave off the Flames; Joan couldn’t. OK, see ya later.

Wild at Coyotes, 8 PM

Records: Wild (23-17-5, 51 points, 4th in Conference III); Coyotes (21-12-9, 51 points, 5th in Pacific)

Last Time They Met: Radim Vrbata scored twice in a 3-1 Coyote win Nov. 27 in St. Paul.

Last 10: Minnesota 4-6-0; Phoenix 3-3-4

Historical Context: People had written off the French in the Hundred Years’ until Joan of Arc came in, scored twice on the Buffalo Sabres and led her country to a Wildesque four game winning streak.