Great Game Previews Of The World: 11 January 2014

by J.R.

Today in History

300px-Tetarteron-Theodora-sb1838In 1055, Theodora is proclaimed emperor of the Byzantine Empire after convening the Senate and a proclamation by the imperial guard.

She had ruled the empire earlier as co-emperor with her older sister, Zoe, selected for the gig after the deposition of her late husband’s nephew. Zoe was seen as capricious and in need of a co-ruler, thus her sober older sister was chosen.

During her second, singular reign, Theodora checked the power of increasingly unruly nobles, ruling with an iron fist, but employing less-than-scrupulous advisers.

Her run with the throne didn’t last long: 18 months or so and with her death came the end of Macedonian dynasty.

Avalanche at Wild, 7 PM Central/6 PM Mountain

Records: Avalanche (27-12-5, 59 points, 3rd in Conference III); Wild (24-17-5, 53 points, 4th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: The Wild won 3-2 in a shootout December 14.

Last 10: Colorado 4-2-4; Minnesota 4-6-0

Historical Context: Minnesota was seen as having done All The Right Things to succeed into the third spot in Conference III, but no one saw Colorado coming. Michael V — nephew of Theodora’s husband — was crowned after he promised to do all the right things, like respect Zoe. But then he banished her and the people rose up, starting a chain reaction that led to Theodora taking the throne, which no one saw coming.

Blackhawks at Canadiens, 6 PM

Records: Blackhawks (29-8-9, 67 points, 2nd in Conference III); Canadiens (25-15-5, 55 points, 3rd in Flortheast)

Last Time They Met: The Blackhawks blasted off a 5-1 win at home against the Habs December 21, 2011.

Last 10: Chicago 5-1-4; Montreal 5-3-2

Historical Context: Far be it from us to understand the machinations of the old nobility and their dormant rivalries. Theodora just let her rights to rule simmer while she stayed in a convent and when opportunity arose, she exercised those rights and struck. No doubt you’ll hear 40693 times tonight how the Habs and Hawks “rivalry” has been dormant for more than two years because of the lockout.

Senators at Predators, 6 PM

Records: Senators (19-8-8, 46 points, 6th in Flortheast); Predators (19-20-6, 44 points, 6th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: Jason Spezza and Chris Phillips had a pair apiece in a 4-3 Sens win Feb. 9, 2012.

Last 10: Ottawa 5-3-2; Nashville 3-4-3

Historical Context: Theodora presided over the Senate in person. Over Senators. You see.

Blue Jackets at Jets, 6 PM

Records: Blue Jackets (20-20-4, 44 points, 7th in SUDM); Jets (19-22-5, 43 points, 7th in Conference III)

Last Time They Met: Evander Kane scored the winner in a 3-2 Jets victory Dec. 16.

Last 10: Columbus 6-4-0; Winnipeg 4-6-0

Historical Context: Speaking of exile: a reminder.