IIIiteracy — [Redacted] Special Edition: So Much [Hemorrhoid]

by obscenealex

In case you missed it, the Stars trolled the Maple Leafs hard Thursday night to a 7-1 win. The Stars game ops team and whoever runs their social media accounts trolled even harder.


Even the fans at the game got in on it.


Beliebers, in their teenage fury, came out in force. Toronto fans also reacted poorly, trying to distance themselves from their fellow native Ontarians Justin Beiber and Mayor Rob Ford (as well as a decisive [posterior] kicking).

Oh, the humanity!

So many feels.

Such strong words.

I think we’ll wear that one as a badge of honor.


By low do you mean the number of times the Leafs scored?

You mean Rob Ford, Justin Beiber, and the Toronto Maple Leafs are pathetic, right?

For what?  I’ve never heard of a lawsuit over too much awesome.

Must be read with head shakes and finger wags included.

Australia has a hockey league?

The [hemorrhoid]. It burns!

Not as sick as you make us!

The last time the Leafs won the Cup, you weren’t even a zygote.

Remember the Alamo Beiber!

If you navigate through all the negatives, I’m pretty sure “doesn’t mean I won’t stop” means you will stop. And you should stop. Please. Save yourself from mindless fandom of a [female cleaning instrument] nozzle.

All of Canada you say? That sounds like a troll upgrade.

Oh God, why.

The concern for our education would be much better directed towards the Beliebers.

As you should, sir. As you should.

*Reflects thoughtfully* Nope. Not a single feeling of disgust.

If it’s wrong, I definitely don’t ever want to be right.

This one is like the fan that excuses the behavior of their team’s goon but throws a tantrum when another team’s goon takes the slightest liberty. There is no way you wouldn’t support the Leafs trolling another team like this, Sarah.

I’m so confused by this one.

This one, too. Raddle is a red pigment.

Wow. So anger. Many hates. Much win.

Here’s hoping!

Yes, all of them. I wasn’t able to find enough of these hysterical tweets through all the people laughing about it.

Also, a special thanks to Meghan, David, Zach, and Mike for locating some of these gems and pointing out that they should be combined into this outstanding collection.

That’s all for now… stay tuned for more fun on Monday.