Great Game Previews In History: 29 January 2014

by J.R.

Today in History

an_lushan__military_leader_during_the_tang_dynasty446998c9b8159bbeb173In 757, Chinese Emperor and general An Lushan is assassinated by his favored eunuch Li Zhu’er at the behest of An’s first son, An Qingxu.

An Lushan had gone blind, developed full-body ulcers, and gotten angry (as anyone would if blinded and covered in ulcers) and was in the habit of executing those who angered him. Knowing he was close to the end, it was rumored he planned to name a younger son, An Qing’en, as his successor. Thus, An Qingxu, afraid his father would have him killed, conspired with the eunuch and a general, Yan Zhuang, to instead kill the emperor.

Blackhawks at Canucks, 9:30 PM

Records: Blackhawks (32-10-13, 77 points, 2nd in Conference III); Canucks (27-18-9, 63 points, 4th in Pacific)

Last Time They Met: Ryan Kesler won it in a shootout, 3-2 for the Canucks.

Last 10: Chicago 3-3-4; Vancouver 4-5-1

Historical Context: Usurped from the usual perch at the top of the pecking order by the games-in-hand advantage of the Blues, the Blackhawks are out looking for vengeance and who better to take it out on than Vancouver. Like the old emperor, the Canucks are flailing desperately, looking for the sword hidden under the bed. But beset by injury, their swinging is futile.