Great Game Previews In History: 2 February 2014

by J.R.

Today In History

Osaka_Castle_rampart_in_1865In 1868, pro-Imperial forces capture Osaka Castle from the forces of the Tokugawa shogunate.

The troops within didn’t put up much of a fight, their morale destroyed when their leader Tokugawa Yoshinobu fled in the night ahead of the Imperial siege.

Jets at Canadiens, Noon

Records: Jets (25-23-9, 59 points, 7th in Conference III); Canadiens (29-20-6, 64 points, 4th in Flortheast)

Last Time They Met: Carey Price shutout the Jets 3-0 October 15.

Last 10: Winnipeg 7-3-0; Montreal 4-5-1

Historical Context: The loss of Osaka Castle was as damaging symbolically as it was militarily (the capture of Osaka Castle essentially put the Tokugawa in power two centuries earlier). Perhaps a win against the Canadiens will serve a similarly important symbolic victory.