The [Redacted] Week in Review With Obscene Alex: Hungry Coaches Edition

by obscenealex

Mike Yeo wants a sandwich

Yeo wants it so bad he can taste it.

In the past week, I’ve flown to every Conference III city (except Winnipeg, but I was in Atlanta, so that counts, right?) to do some scouting and what I learned might surprise you.  You see, I did evaluate some players, but more importantly, I discovered the one thing that all Conference III coaches have in common.  That, [dear readers], is the inability to resist a fresh, hot, and juicy [sandwich].  Just mention the word and Mike Yeo’s mouth starts to salivate.  Hopefully teams in other divisions won’t learn of this kryptonite.  Don’t believe me?  I wish it weren’t true either, but here’s the proof:

Lindy Ruff eating a sandwich

I caught Lindy Ruff about to bite into a juicy cheeseburger.

Paul Maurice eating a sandwich.

Here’s Paul Maurice trying to look casual about it, hands in pockets.

Ken Hitchcock eating a sandwich

Ken Hitchcock appears hypnotized by this foot long.

Joel Quenneville eating a sandwich

Joel Quenneville loves [hot dogs]. He gets fierce when you don’t [get the toppings right], but he gobbles them down anyway.

Patrick Roy eating a sandwich

Patrick Roy eats [sandwiches] about the way you would expect him to.

Mike Yeo eating a sandwich

Mike Yeo finally gets that [sandwich] he’s been dreaming about. “Look at the size of it!”

Barry Trotz eating a sandwich

Barry Trotz eats [sandwiches] regularly.

Paul Maurice loved his sandwich

“It was so good, guys. I can’t wait to eat my next [sandwich].”

Use plenty of napkins, boys. Wouldn’t want to get any [mayo] on your chins.

Sandwiches courtesy of and various public domain image sites. [Ed. note — who knew Alex was such a defender of image rights holders?]