Great Game Previews In History: 5 February 2014

by J.R.

Today In History

On this day in 1958, a B-47 carrying a nuclear weapon (which may or may not have been disabled) collides with a F-38 off the coast of Georgia and jettisons its cargo to shed weight and avoid detonation on emergency landing. The crew did not detect an explosion and, despite several searches off Tybee Island in the subsequent decades, the bomb has never been found.

Blackhawks at Ducks, 9 PM

Records: Blackhawks (34-10-14, 82 points, 1st in Conference III); Ducks (40-13-5, 85 points, 1st in Pacific)

Last Time They Met: Chicago turned Anaheim’s 18-1-0 run into 18-2-0 with a 4-2 win January 17.

Last 10: Chicago 4-2-4; Anaheim 5-5-0

Historical Context: The two division leaders in the west collide near the coast. Will the bomb they drop be a dud or will it be worth the hype?

Stars at Sharks, 9:30 PM

Records: Stars (26-21-9, 61 points, 5th in Conference III); Sharks (35-16-6, 76 points, 2nd in Pacific)

Last Time They Met: Both previous games have gone to shootouts, with Joe Thornton winning the last one for San Jose Dec. 21.

Last 10: Dallas 5-3-2; San Jose 6-4-0

Historical Context: The search for the playoffs for Dallas seemed fruitless and futile just two weeks ago. A win tonight in San Jose and they are right back in it. In 2004, a retired Air Force colonel said he had used a Geiger counter to triangulate the position of the Tybee Bomb. Unfortunately, there’s a strain of naturally occurring sand off the Georgia coast that emits emits alpha particles. The bomb remained lost. Is Dallas’ sudden surge similarly false?