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Great Game Previews In History: 11 March 2014

by J.R.

Today In History

louis_xiv_as_childOn March 11, 1649, the Peace of Rueil is signed, bringing to an end the first phase of the Fronde, the French civil wars of the mid-17th century.

The wars — particularly the first Fronde, the Fronde Parlementaire — were not necessarily revolutionary. The objective was to protect the ancient rights of the parlements — a false friend, our linguist friends would say, because they were not like parliaments in the English sense, but rather courts of appeal that had the ability to nullify royal edicts if they ran counter to tradition.

To pay for the Thirty Years War, the King (through his clerical puppetmasters, first Cardinal Richelieu and later Cardinal Mazarin) needed to raise taxes, but the nobles refused to pay, citing their ancient exception. The bourgeoisie were left to bear the brunt, leading to insurrection in Paris. Meanwhile, the Peace of Westphalia was signed and French troops returned to Paris to quell the uprising.

Very little blood was shed in this first Fronde, but nevertheless, it was in everyone’s best interest to halt the fighting.

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Conference III Championship Belt Tale of the Tape: Dallas at St. Louis, 10 March 2014

by J.R.

How many times will St. Louis defend the Conference III Championship Belt? Tonight, when Dallas visits, the Blues will put up the strap for the fourth time in six days, the latest in a 70-plus day run with the belt, a title reign of Theszian proportions.

Can the Stars end the Blues’ stranglehold?

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