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Great Game Previews In History: 11 October 2014

by J.R.

boerToday In History

After years of escalation — which included a war and a British-led raid to take Johannesburg — the Boer republics of Transvaal and the Orange Free State invade the British-held Cape Colony and Natal, beginning the Second Boer War. Talk about being united and divided simultaneously, eh?

The war began with rapid invasions by the Boers, who had the great advantage of having a fighting force that was nimble, familiar with the area, good on horses and fairly easy to mobilize. Within a few weeks, the Boers had made great inroads into British-held territory, driving back the British in some cases and laying siege to garrisons in others.

Spoiler alert: though the war pioneered the use of modern guerrilla warfare, the Brits ultimately win this one, the Boer territories are incorporated into the British colonies and the Union of South Africa comes to be in 1910…and then develops into a truly reprehensible country but then gets sort of OK again and then hosts the World Cup.

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Conference III Championship Belt Tale of The Tape: Minnesota at Colorado, 11 October 2014

by J.R.

The Avalanche’s 188-day run with the Conference III Belt came to an end Opening Night with a 5-0 shellacking in St. Paul. Can Minnesota extend their title run, their first in nearly a year?

We’ll find out tonight, but first the tale of the tape:

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