“I don’t know what this is, but it’s great.” – Megalodon from Battle of Cali.
“Avant garde Central Division blog…” – Dan Saraceni at Lighthouse Hockey.
“…may be my favourite hockey blog in existence.” – Cam Charron at LeafsNation.
“…Conference III is developing a culture all its own.” – Sam Page at Sports Illustrated.
“It is avant garde, funny, brilliant, and as American as the Central time zone. I have a sneaky suspicion that J.R. Lind might be the smartest human on the internet.” – Michael Stonecutter at Second City Hockey
“Dear god that is genius.” — Totschlag at /r/stlouisblues

III Communication is the best Conference III blog on the World Wide Web and possibly the universe.

What even is Conference III?

Conference III is what the NHL calls the Central Division — our name taken from the earliest plans for realignment. For some reason, the NHL ignored our pleas and gave the division a stupid name.

And us?

We are:

J.R. Lind – J.R. is a real life professional writer who once crushed Alex Trebek’s real-estate investment dreams. He believes the Central Time Zone is the most American of time zones. Follow him on Twitter; he’s got the best account in Nashville.

T-Murda, Esq. – Chief Counsel to III Communication. He is learning to tolerate Winnipeg for the good of the family.

We are always seeking writing talent from the great cities of Conference III (and St. Louis and Winnipeg, too) so we have less work to do.

Email us at conferencethree[at]gmail[dot]com with samples, pitches, suggestions, drink recipes and personal branding ideas.