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DemocraThree: 17 January 2014

by J.R.


Today, we debut a new weekly feature here at III Communication — DemocraThree. Every Friday, bloggers from around The Heptarchy will update us on the news and notes from their teams (with that fancy header image courtesy of Mike D and like democracy itself, it’s a perpetual work-in-progress). Yes, we ripped this off from TRH’s Pacific War Room; no, we don’t care. And since we ripped it off, we’ll follow their lead and go in standings order.

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3dō: Hail, Columbia!

by J.R.

3dō is an occasional feature in which the meaning of Conference III is explained through prose, verse, song, interpretative dance, film, chemical formulae or illustrative anecdote relayed by old people.

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Conference III Enters The 36 Chambers

by J.R.

36hockey_knit1-570x570Today is the 20th anniversary of the release of one of the greatest albums of all-time, the Wu-Tang Clan’s Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers).

It would be hard to overstate its importance to music generally and hip-hop specifically. One thing is for certain, though: that album is crazy as hell. It’s downright wackadoo insane bonkers.

Its swaggering, funny, pop-culture referencing ethos is beautiful, violent and kookoobananas. It samples kung-fu movies, references breakfast cereal and drops comic book jokes.

Despite being a product of New York, it fits perfectly with Conference III.

And (of course) each Conference III team fits with a song.

In track order (yes there are more tracks than teams and I skipped em, sue me):

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IIIiteracy: 24 October 2013

by J.R.

A recap of tonight’s Conference III action with help from the geniuses on social media:

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Great Game Previews In History: 20 October 2013

by J.R.

479px-Louisiana1804aToday In History

The United States ratified the treaty authorizing the Louisiana Purchase by a vote of 24-7. The seven no votes came from senators from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware and New Hampshire — predictably staunch opposition from Flortheast and Metro territory.

The U.S. paid three cents per acre for the 820,000 square mile territory which would eventually become part of 15 states — all of which are in Conference III — and, in fact, a small sliver of what would become Alberta (not Conference III) and Saskatchewan (Conference III!).

While the Louisiana Purchase and Conference III country broadly have significant overlap, only three Conference III cities were part of the purchase: St. Louis, St. Paul and Denver.

The other four cities were part of other territorial expansions, to wit:

Chicago: What is now Chicago was, actually, part of French Louisiana but was ceded to the British under the 1763 Treaty of Paris ending the French and Indian War. George Rogers Clark took control of it during the Revolution, claiming it for Virginia, which ceded it to the U.S. after the war and it became part of the Northwest Territory (memorialized in the name of Northwestern University).

Dallas: The Louisiana Purchase did dip into Texas, but not far enough to include what would become Dallas. It was Spanish until Texas Independence.

Nashville: Middle Tennessee was claimed by more or less everybody — it, too, was French and, in fact, a French-Canadian was in Nashville before James Robertson and John Donelson came to start Fort Nashborough. Tennessee was just western North Carolina before statehood and was already a state by the time the Louisiana Purchase went through. In fact, Meriwether Lewis died rather suspiciously in Tennessee.

Winnipeg: Manitoba was part of something called “Rupert’s Land,” which is about the most Canadian thing I’ve ever heard.

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Heat Index: The Comprehensive Guide to All 21 Conference III Rivalries

by J.R.

Here we are.

After staring awkwardly at each other for a few months, laughing with and at one another, back-slapping and guffawing, being mirthful and merry, the season is now in our sights.

It’s time to hate.

There are 21 rivalries in Conference III — some old, some new, some borrowed, some involving the Jets (not many).

Which have the most heat in this historic first season? Our crack team of researchers using the scientific method (“scientific method”=thinking about it for a few minutes) have ranked all 21.

Some caveats:

1) The old Central Division is over-represented at the top and Winnipeg and Colorado, especially, are over-represented at the bottom. This will be hard to swallow for Jets fans, but we just don’t care about you yet.

2) Historical factors related to the old North Stars and old Jets were considered when necessary.

3) Teams are given in the order I thought of them when I wrote the list. By all means, consider word order a slight against your team.

4) Feel free to disagree and call me stupid. I don’t care, because you are wrong.

Starting at the bottom…

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Hot August Nights: Winnipeg Jets

by J.R.

06659_show_landscape_03This week, III Communication presents “Hot August Nights.” At one minute past sundown local time we’ll be reviewing the off-seasons of each Conference III team using the songs of American legend Neil Diamond.

Tonight, we wrap it up with a review of the Winnipeg Jets.

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A Special Day For Conference III Legends

by J.R.

Just a quick August note to extend official III Communication congratulations to a few Threeroes on a special day.

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Threeber: Justin Bieber Has As Many Conference III Jerseys As Reid Simpson

by J.R.

Reid Simpson, the pride of Flin Flon (Flin Flon has a flag), played for four Conference III franchises — one game with the North Stars, plus stints with Chicago, St. Louis and Nashville (s/t to Ryantologist)

Yesterday, Justin Bieber got to meet the Stanley Cup and he touched (oh nos!) and stood on the chief’s head (THE HORROR!) and picked up a Blackhawks jersey for his trouble (Original Six, baby).

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