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The Flortheast Sucks: A Special Edition of IIIiteracy

by J.R.

Tonight, there were four near-simultaneous games between Conference III teams and teams in the Flortheast.

“Flortheast,” coincidentally, anagrams to lots of funny things, including: “Hotel Farts,” “The Ol’ Farts” and “Stale Froth.” See the whole list!

Let’s check those Conference III v Flortheast results, shall we?

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Threero Of The Week: Why Bingo Will Always Be Bickell’s Name-Oh

by J.R.

zathockeyThis is Zoë. Zoë is my daughter. She was born midway through the first period of what is probably the No. 1 game in Nashville Predators history — the Game 5 victory over Detroit in the first round of 2012 playoffs.

Things haven’t gone so well for the Predators since then — Radulov left, Suter left, Weber tried to leave, the team had an abysmal season, Brandon Yip got power play minutes — but I don’t think her mom and I are going to be all Buffalo ’66 with Zoë.

Zoë likes hockey — and not just Predators hockey (though that’s her favorite; the only thing she says more than “Gnash” is “Mama,” “Dada” and “Dog,” and she’s never even met David Backes). She had the good sense to make it to the world just in time to see Nick Lidstrom play, for example. And though she almost always sleeps through the night, she woke up, with no explanation, five minutes before the end of the lockout was announced, as if to say “Daddy, check Twitter.”

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