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The [Redacted] Week in Review with Obscene Alex: BieLeafer Edition

by obscenealex

Holy [cow], this was a crazy [fuddledudding] week.  The same day we launched the Conference III Crown of [Fecal Matter], the Perds made sure the Stars had a Stetson full to the brim with manure by giving them a 4-1 shellacking, making their record an abysmal 1-8-1 in 2014.  It was the first time the Stars wore the infamous [chapeau de connerie] this season and some of you blamed me for the loss, claiming that this great new award was a jinx.  [Flip] you!  You should have had more confidence.

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Regressing To The Mean: The 2013 Off-Season and Conference III’s Rude Awakening

by J.R.

themanwhoshotlibertyvalanceposter“This is the West, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” — Maxwell Scott (Carleton Young) in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence

In the four months since III Communication opened for business, we’ve variously described Conference III as a collection of raccoons, prison, a gang fightBattle of the Network Stars meets The Running Man, Hell, a structure of steel and human sinew and dinosaur bones, forged and melted in the very fires of Phlegethon, and a Joy Division song.

The allegorical and metaphorical intent was clear — Conference III would be the world’s largest Thunderdome, stretching across a large section of North America. Because of geography, because of the nature of the teams and cities involved, because of their history, it was easy to appropriate the mythos of the American frontier and the Old West and imagine Conference III’s future as an echo of a past — as a sort of lawless id of a hockey division.

And then the offseason happened and the legend became fact.

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