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Rich Clune’s Ready…ARE YOU?

by J.R.

The very first Threero of the Week Rich Clune just joined Twitter.

In addition to his thoughts on Pride Week and celebrating his sobriety, Rich Clune is amping up the Conference III heat.

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III Four Time

by J.R.

Over at Puck Daddy, Wysh and the gang asked readers to submit “their choices for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles proxies for all 30 NHL teams” [East here, West there].

It’s a fun idea and appeared to be well-executed until Colin Wilson was declared Nashville’s Donatello. Donatello — the brainy one — has as much to do with Colin Wilson — who confuses Santa’s reindeer with the planets of the solar system — as I do with J.R. Smith.

Therefore, naturally, we are assigning Conference III proxies for famous (?) quartets from history. Feel free to disagree.

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Always The Last Place You Look

by J.R.

We’ve been in business here at III Communication for coming up on a month. As the hockey blogosphere’s Wikipedia-inspired fever dream — an icy, 21st-century “Kubla Khan” — we fully expected folks would stumble here in many ways: drunkenly through the front-door like Dick Van Dyke, through the window like the Lords Regent of Prague in reverse, or stealthily through the back-door like a curfew-busting teenager and/or Andrei Kostitsyn.

Then there’s the folks who come here looking for one thing and, almost certainly, find something else.

After the jump, a rundown of the search terms which have drawn these accidental tourists.

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Rich Clune: Threero Of The Week (March 11-17)

by J.R.

Sometimes Conference III is a prison-gang yard fight.

And sometimes, it’s the NHL’s most elaborate troll job. There’s an Original Six team jammed in with two Sun Belt teams, one of which moved from the home of another team in the division. There’s a Canadian team that moved from the Sun Belt and got dressed up in a history it doesn’t own, like one of those weirdos who breaks into people’s houses and wears their clothes. It’s a Central Time Zone division which includes a Mountain Time team. And also, St. Louis is involved.

This week’s Threero embraces the best of Conference III: being great at what you are even if you are not what people want you to be. It’s fighting when necessary — and refusing to fight when it will irritate the most people. It’s scoring, yes, but only in hilarious ways that make no sense.

If Conference III is the NHL’s mean-mug, our Threero is its smart-ass smirk.

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