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Heat Index: The Comprehensive Guide to All 21 Conference III Rivalries

by J.R.

Here we are.

After staring awkwardly at each other for a few months, laughing with and at one another, back-slapping and guffawing, being mirthful and merry, the season is now in our sights.

It’s time to hate.

There are 21 rivalries in Conference III — some old, some new, some borrowed, some involving the Jets (not many).

Which have the most heat in this historic first season? Our crack team of researchers using the scientific method (“scientific method”=thinking about it for a few minutes) have ranked all 21.

Some caveats:

1) The old Central Division is over-represented at the top and Winnipeg and Colorado, especially, are over-represented at the bottom. This will be hard to swallow for Jets fans, but we just don’t care about you yet.

2) Historical factors related to the old North Stars and old Jets were considered when necessary.

3) Teams are given in the order I thought of them when I wrote the list. By all means, consider word order a slight against your team.

4) Feel free to disagree and call me stupid. I don’t care, because you are wrong.

Starting at the bottom…

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It Was Texas, It Was Tennessee, It Was What I Had Coming To Me

by J.R.


hayden-300x236Tonight, Nashville and Dallas play for the final time in this, the last pre-Conference III season. Not that these things are terribly easy to predict, but the seeds of a Nashville and Dallas rivalry appear to have been planted.

url-1And it makes sense. Lucero wrote a song about it (maybe). The history of Texas is inexorably tied to Tennessee. Neither team has had a decent, geographically-sound rival. They both tend to be in the meaty part of the Western Conference bell curve — jammed into that dreadful 6th through 10th morass. They have eponymous prime-time soap operas (Friend of the III Dirk Hoag once called this game “Barnes Fight” because of Cliff and Juliette). And Nashville once had a minor league team called the South Stars (I even have a jersey!).

And the game is important to the history of III Communication.

So last night, I declared that the rivalry needed a name.

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