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Happy Birthday To III

by J.R.

One year ago today, I posted a brief item, a video of a Chambers Pot rumble between Dallas and Nashville and at ConferenceIII dot wordpress dot com, III Communication was born.

Since then we’ve been recognized by Puck Daddy and by Sports Illustrated and we’ve launched The Conference III Championship Belt, which has been recognized by Carter Hutton.

We’ve gone litigious and obscene and democratic.

In honor of our birthday, let’s, in the spirit of our proprietary power ranking system, look at our Top 13 posts of all time (ranked by views).

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Help III Help You: The Conference III Festivus Project

by J.R.

Christmas is a time for cheer and joy and family togetherness.

Festivus is a time for everything else and while we don’t have a big silver pole to dance around, we do have Drew Miller’s hair.

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